Monday, 30 May 2011

Quick Fix

You just never know when life is going to throw you a curve ball.
my cheesecake looks funny...

It doesn't matter who was wrong or right. In the end you just need to have faith that it will all be OK. Even when it doesn't seem possible, the inevitable will happen. Time will march on, and no matter how deep the wound, it will heal.

The important thing is chocolate. my old friend polysporin burn cream may heal my scrapes and burns, but chocolate makes everything else better. there should be some kind of chocolate pharmacy

bad day at work   =   1 chocolate chip cookie
fight with your in laws   =   milk chocolate mousse
Quit your job   =   a box of truffles
bad hair day   =   white chocolate blondies
fired from your job   = a box of truffles and a bottle of wine
you dog died   =   triple layer fudge cake with butter cream and ganache
cramps    =   chocolate dipped potato chips
break up   =   brownies.... lots of brownies
Surprised brownie is surprised he can cheer you up! 
Break up brownies. Everyone has a favorite recipe, I like the moist, dense fudgey ones. And I like to keep eating them until the world seems nicer. this actually works well with other situations as well. I think now I am just eating them preemptive in case anything might go bad
I suggest you give these a try

4 squares (28 g each)  unsweetened bakers chocolate
3/4 cup                       butter
1 1/2 cup                    sugar
3                                 lg eggs
2 tsp                           vanilla
3/4 cup                       flour

preheat oven to 350  grease an 8" pan
melt butter and chocolate together
in a separate bowl mix the sugar eggs and vanilla until smooth
stir in the chocolate mixture
fold in the flour, just until incorporated.
you can add whatever you crave at this point. fold in some m&ms, peanuts, pretzels, walnuts, dried fruit, chocolate chips, almonds, anything your broken little heart wants, bake it!
bake it for about 35-40 minutes to be exact, until a toothpick comes out crumby.
then enjoy with your girlfriend with some laughs, or by yourself on the couch watching "Say Anything" again. Whatever you gotta do 8)

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