Tuesday, 17 May 2011

I Hart

It was my niece's birthday recently. She is such a sweet young lady. I really wanted to go all out and make her something super rad for her. Unfortunately her birthday was smack dab in the middle of my crazy week of stupidness. So i decided to make her a simpler cake, because I know she appreciates the thought. I appreciate that about her 8)
The only trouble i had, and the lesson I learned AGAIN, is that you cant rush. I decided to do a mickey mouse club hat for her, cause she is into Disney and animation, and is no slouch in the drawing department herself. I'm actually very proud of her, she is quite an artist. I wish I could be as good as her... eventually I am going to be forced to tie her to my baking bench and exploit her talents. As a bonus she likes baking, so when she comes over i get to talk about baking as much as i want... i kind of love doing that. Now as I was saying, even though I did  a less complicated design, I still had to bake, make icing, ice, sculpt, and cover the cake. And since I was mildly distracted from the previous few days which had been filled with enormous amounts of baking and drama,I was rushing.I'm not proud of it. But it is what it is, and I'm sure she understands. I was very sad to give her something i knew i could have done better. I should have made the ears of the hat much more in advance so they would stand up nicely. The good news is that I'm really happy with how my bows have been turning out! and polka dots, when do i not love polka dots.
I hope she still liked it. 

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