Monday, 9 May 2011

Girlie Girl

A former coworker called me up and asked for a last minute cake for her daughters second birthday. Foolishly I accepted, thinking this is time I could be spending on my Books2eat cake... what am I thinking. But I just can't say no to being part of peoples celebrations. Her only requests were pink, girlie, and chocolate.
So this is what I came up with... vanilla bean cake, with milk chocolate butter cream, covered in bright pink fondant, and fundant decorations.
first I made lots of little flowers and a bow

then I covered the cake in fondant

I smoothed down the sides and made it all pretty, I didn't want to do a real border on the bottom, so I made sure it was neat and tidy

Get all the decorations together and get inspired

I think this is the best bow I have done so far, I'm glad I learn from my mistakes, cause I have made some terrible bows before 8)

little clusters of flowers

I'm am not very girlie, but i do adore the little hearts inside the flowers, does it get any girlier?

And here is munchkins cake all put together. She seemed to like it, I hope they were happy with it!
One more pic from my phone, cause i like the angle...

Now off to work on more cake. and more cake. and more cake...

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