Monday, 16 May 2011

More Than Meets the Eye

I woke up this morning feeling like I have been hit by a truck. A truck made out cake. Which is ironic, because this weekend I made a cake, that looked like a truck. Well more specifically it looked like Optimus Prime. For my little nephew monkey I made a chocolate and yellow marble cake, with milk chocolate Italian butter cream (heavy on the milk chocolate).

I got some feedback from his Grandma.... my momma, and donater of said huge amounts of milk chocolate (as well as so much other baking related awesomeness but that is another post) oh yeah the feed back... I guess it was abit to sweet for him,which is funny cause I made a conscious effort to make it sweet. I figured 7 year old birthday + sweet = good. I forgot I was dealing with the only munchkin in the world who doesn't like ketchup. he has some weird food habits, but i suppose all kids do. I think i went through an orange phase myself. Maybe ketchup is a genetic thing like cilantro or rolling your tongue, cause I don't like it either. Regardless hopefully he liked it, I love the little guy, and I want to make sure he knows he has people who believe in him and love him.
OK I'm gonna get all sappy. back to cake talk. In my head i really wanted to do more with this cake, but I was pressed for time, and well I figured a 7 year old would love it no matter what? right? cause it was cake, and Optimus Prime, and the cool auntie with the purple hair made it!

So for decoration my local transformer expert (Bunz) suggested I do Optimus Prime's chest. It turned out OK, I wish i had more time to add more details, but I'm at peace with it. the only major issue was when I went to drop it off, and I almost dropped the whole thing and it cracked down the middle where three layers connects to the 2 layers.  I was proud of myself for not completely freaking out. I fixed it as best I could, reminded myself it was for a 7 year old, and that I wasn't getting paid. LOL. Then i dropped it off, kissed his handsome little head and told him to behave. I couldn't stay for the party, I had to rush home to finish my cake for the Books2eat Gala that evening.
stay tuned for a post soon about the books2eat gala and my Cake of Pi

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