Friday, 3 June 2011


Yup that's a word. Galakoboureko. 
I started back at my old job, which has been pretty darn rad. And I'm not just saying that because my boss might read this. (although if you are HI you are rad!) I missed being around people, which I'm sure I will get over fairly quickly, especially other peoples children. And I am still very rusty with my serving skills. But for the most part it is like riding a bike.  Luckily everyone has been super supportive the staff, guests, everyone! I'm a lucky gal 8) 
Now on to the Greek goods. I was surprised when the boss man asked me to bake him something, and excited. He presented me a challenge. 2 very large pans of baklava which is easy enough, and a third pan filled with galakoboureko. That's where the challenge comes in.  At least I think that is what he wants. He loosely described a dessert his dad used to make, and after abit of research this seems to fit the bill. Custard baked into phyllo. It is the first time I have used semolina flour in a custard, I hope it is OK. I checked a whole bunch of recipes to make sure it wasn't a mistake. I'm abit nervous. I feel like the boss man is  like a big brother figure in alot of ways for me, and I really want him to be proud of me. I always have that need to make everyone happy, but his opinion does matter to me. Probably cause he will tease me alot if i f'ed it up. Maybe its because I worked at his restaurant while I went to baking school and he saw alot of my mistakes. It looks like the picture, and the syrup that is poured over the finished dessert is lovely, So I'm cautiously optimistic. I want him to keep ordering from me LOL
 a pic of semolina flour waiting to be custard, cause i think it looks cool
making the citrus syrup for the milk pie
I had to adjust all the recipes abit, because I couldn't find 9x13 pans to give him his goodies in, so i made them bigger. Of course i made them bigger, that's kind of my modus operandi! So it is like a pan and a half in each. I had a small moment of panic when i thought the pans might now fit in my oven. but now everything is cooling and I'm getting ready for work, maybe i will pick up the all day shift... I like hanging out there AND  they pay me for it. Sweet. Life is a pretty sweet fruit....
unbaked                                        baked                                        honeyed

I remember falling in love with baklava in a small restaurant on Whyte ave, which has long since closed.  Mander and I were on a split shift, and we ordered a piece to share. It was sticky and sweet and wonderful. I went back to work and asked "Mama" (the restaurants YaiYai) for a recipe. I have tweaked it and made it my own over the years, but it never disappoints. 

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