Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A Freakin Dorable

I spent a few hours yesterday with an old friend and his young girls. I genuinely enjoyed my time with them, I'm realizing more and more how much I love teaching. And every once in awhile I love kids. I know I have a reputation to uphold.  Don't get me wrong, I am sticking with cats for myself for now, but there is something about kids, these gals in particular are alot of fun. So full of joy, and laughter, it's hard not to catch the giggles. We were working on a cake for the older munchkins birthday, she is turning 4 this week! So She decided we should do flowers and a kitty. I made the kitty, but almost everything else was made by little hands. I showed up with a lemony cake covered with white fondant and ready for her creative genius. I gave her afew ideas, and then let her do her stuff. She is a natural, and mastered more techniques then alot of adults i know. After we had a whole pile of flowers and other funky decorations, she decided where they should go, and we put them on the cake together.

Her proud poppa is a photography buff, so he was on hand to take some wonderful pics. We may have to recruit him again sometime. I wish I could show you more of his handy work, alas I am the opposite of photogenic. And as lovely as his girls are, I don't think its right to put up any pics of them until it is cleared by the 'rents! Later this summer we are going to make a cake for his birthday, expect many photos from that adventure. The whole experience gave me an idea for a possible business..... but more importantly I had a wonderful time with young 'uns and the folks. Children's laughter is good for me. 
Thanks for letting me come over and play! 
(taken quickly with my phone...not his fancy camera lol, but i had to get a quick pic)
A freakin dorable

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