Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Giving Tree

CAKE! I like having a pile of cake, and pretty much no idea what I am going to do with it. Recently an old friend celebrated her birthday. Although we were never the closest amigos, I always thought she was super cool. Like she is just really cool, I looked up to her in alot of ways. And when She invited me to her birthday, I knew I wanted to make her a cake. This particular lady has a thing for books, which is one of the many reasons I think she is rad! I was bit tight on time, and I never made a book cake before, so i really faked my way through it, lol. I think most of my fave cakes are like that. 
I didn't really know what she liked flavor wise so I went with chocolate on chocolate with extra chocolate. (she confirmed later that it was a good choice.when is chocolate not a good choice, heehee). I just made different size "books" our of layers of the cake and butter cream, and then let them chill. I wrapped some fondant around 3 edges to be the pages of the books, and then wrapped the rest of the cake in fondant like a book cover. I planned to make them all different classic books.  but after i stacked them up on a dowel, I was struck with inspiration.

 I was instantly inspired by white books, Shel Silverstein. I grew up reading his poems. To this day he makes me smile. I love his books, and if I remembered correctly so did she. Part of planning the perfect cake for someone is finding that perfect thing for them, that makes them feel special. Hopefully making the cake into a pile of Silverstein books made her feel special. When I looked at the dowel sticking through the top, I decided to leave it, and build "the Giving Tree" around it. It all worked out very serendipitously. Even though (as always) I wish I had more time to add details, I was happy with it when it was all done. I painted on some writing, and finished the giving tree with some melted chocolate. the best part of making this cake was Meg's reaction. Seldom do i get such an excited reaction, I felt truly appreciated by someone i respect. that's a good feeling.

I have spent some time today thinking about Meg, and other awesome women in my life, whether peripherally or completely. I have also thought about the books I have read and what I have learned  from them. I'm feeling quite pensive, and also filled with hope. with knowledge and friendship, anything is achievable. well almost anything...  maybe not time travel...that we know of

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