Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Verry Berry

One of the more difficult things about being a specialty cake decorator, is coming to terms with the temporary nature of your medium. It doesn't matter how long I spend on a project, eventually it will be digested. Sometimes it is easier to deal with. like when the digester's don't even realize it is a cake. Either I am "that good" or "that bad". I'm choosing to believe the former, cause it makes me smile.

I made this cake awhile back for a good friend's baby shower i baked and iced the cakes normally, stacked them and chilled them. Then I rolled out white modelling chocolate about an inch and a half wider than the height of the cake. I carefully wrapped it around the cake and gently folded down the edges for a soft effect.  It was simple, but i love the result, and it made lots of room for berries! arranging the berries on the top was the most time consuming part, I wanted them all t look perfect. I guess it looked too good, cause all the guests started scooping out the berries thinking it was juts a bowl. No one realized it was actually a cake underneath.
Once we got it cut, we all had a good chuckle.

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  1. Welcome to the Edmonton Blogosphere! So nice to see a cake aficionado in our midst. Wow, am I going to learn a lot from you!