Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Adventures in Airbrushing


 Quite some time ago Momma D sent me an airbrush. As excited as I was to try it out, I was also very nervous. I had never used one before, and I know how bad cake can look if it is airbrushed poorly. Finally i tried it out, tentatively on some orchids i made. It was neither a complete success, nor a complete failure. lol

So next i tried painting some"grass" on a quick cake I made for my sis. This was a complete failure! it looked terrible, and to try to save it, I used a wet fan brush to try to make it look like grass on a the side of the cake. She liked it, but i wasn't disappointed.

Around this time I was working on the Chubby Baby cake, which was for a graffiti  artist/ nurse/ birthday boy/ soon to be Dada.... I figured it was another prime opportunity to try airbrushing again. The plan was to make the side of the cake look like a brick wall, and make it look sort of spray painted. My hands were shaking, I was so nervous when i did it. I knew there was really only one shot to get it to look right. It turned out pretty cool. I would definitely use that effect again.

Most recently was my Niece's engagement cake. Her invitations included peacock feathers, so i thought that would be nice on the cake. I tried to be creative and tie in a love theme as well. I thought I could airbrush the feathers to add dimension and color. I was half right. I got the color, but i didn't achieve the dimension i wanted. I decided it was a good learning experience, and tried to let it go. Everyone at the party said they loved it ( but that's family, they have to say that, right?) 
I am determined to master the airbrush, or at least get competent with it. Practice, practice practice.... what can i paint next. other than my counter top that was mostly green after that last cake. helpful hint, if you are playing with an airbrush, don't forget to FULLY cover your work area 8)

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