Monday, 4 April 2011

Work, work, work.

It was particularly busy at work this week, which is fantastic. I hope we get a bit more help soon, but its great! Sadly it didn't leave me much time to work on side projects. Yesterday I made some slightly healthier version of "pizza pops" for Bunz and I to snack on this week. I have a freezer full now 8) it started with the bread dough above, I was going to make whole wheat, but I was out. And I was feeling far to lazy to go get any.

 So start with white bread split up and rested I cooked up acouple fillings. One was ham, leeks, peas, garlic and low fat cheddar. The other was Pepperoni, red pepper, onion, garlic, onion and Roma tomato with mozzarella. Once the fillings are cooked up, I rolled out the buns and filled them with yum. I baked them off and then we had a sampling, you know just to make sure they were OK.
And if I do say so myself they turned out quite delicious. And now I have a freezer full of snack that I know the ingredients to. that makes me happy. I had to have a couple for breakfast today to get a pic for the ol' blog, cause I was to excited yesterday to remember to take a pic.


I have been obsessing about what to make for the Books2Eat gala. I decided to donate a cake for the Public Library Fundraising Gala. I'm very excited to be involved with such an awesome event. I do love me my literature (especially the undead lit section at Greenwood's, but all books are good). I just cannot seem to decide what to make. The cakes are auctioned off, like the gingerbread at Festival of Trees. So I want to make something that will fetch lots of money for the cause. I also want to be creatively fulfilled. The theme is SPLASH! kind of specififc, but still open to interpretation. I'm seriously stumped, but I have to fill out my entry form soon. YIKES!
I'm off to make some Fundant before running my errands. Until next time adieu.

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