Sunday, 24 April 2011

A Day Off

I have a day off. I also have to run around and visit lots of people (whom I love) today. There is no time to bake. The closest thing I will get is whippin up abit of left over ganache and butter cream for the cake Thea made for dinner. I do find myself with afew extra minutes right now between visits. I suppose I will blog about a previous baking adventure.
I made a cake in school that has always been one of my favorites

I just love the simplicity of this cake. it was part of the final display, you can see hints of petite fours on the left and fougasse bread on the right. It was a project that really challenged my inner voice of "more is better" Rather than making it over done and tacky i tried to keep it elegant and pretty. I was very proud of the result. I cant believe how far I have come from working on it. All the things I have learned. The excitement is still there though. in that moment when I step back from something and see a finished project. The moment I realize that my work will bring an extra smile from a child on their birthday or a fantastic photo memory for a new bride and groom.
That's all I got for now... its ham time!!!

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