Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Learning as I go

When I decided to take baking seriously as a career, I didn't know what I wanted to bake. I had never seen a cake show, seriously... I didn't even have TV. I didn't know fantastical cakes existed. When I started my education, I had very little interest in the cakes. Perhaps I will post a pic of my first cake someday. it makes me laugh when i see it now. As we moved along, I became more enthralled with the idea of cakes and decorating. It gave me a creative outlet and released a competitive side of myself i didn't know i had. I felt proud of something I made, which was new to me. I like that feeling which is probably why i tend to be most critical of myself. The turning point i think was the first time i was involved with gingerbread projects for festival of trees. I felt good doing something that would help so many people, and I really loved making my ideas come to life and the  challenge of making it all edible. As you may have guessed, I am completely infatuated with decorating now. I see the world as ideas, flavors, and inspiration for cakes. I'm so happy, and hopeful for a future I never would have conceived even 5 years ago.
Most of the stuff I have dreamed up, I have done so through alot of trial and error. I spent alot of time reading, researching, and trying new things. I still have so much to learn, but I have to be proud of what I have accomplished. This blog is another learning experience for me. First I learned to post. then came pictures. slowly I am building this to be something I want to show to my friends and family. who knows maybe someday I can be an inspiration to a novice baker like so many others have been to me. I hope to teach, amuse and inspire everyone who  tunes into my rants, including myself.
today I learned how to add a slide show of pics... GLEE!

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