Monday, 18 April 2011

Spring almost sprang.

I don't know if it is the bipolar weather in this city, or what, but I have had a case of the ickies all week. Physically I have just felt off somehow. And my brain is stuck in a funk. I'm doubting myself and my abilities.
So in an attempt to launch myself out of said funk I decided to make more of the yummy "pizza pops" I made awhile ago. I have already learned that if you are in a bad mood your food doesn't cooperate, and yet i did it again. I forgot to snap any pics of the shameful food pockets. I'm kind of glad. I suppose I could grab one from the freezer... but I don't wanna! The plan was to make another batch of the pepperoni ones (cause they are yummy) and try a new batch of Bison Chili style filling. the fillings were tasty. Unfortunately I made the mistake of changing more than one of the recipe variables, I used a different dough recipe AND substituted some local whole wheat flour and garlic infused grape seed oil. Somewhere along the line something went wrong. my dough was tough and not as tasty as I had hoped. I don't think the flour is to blame. I have used Gold Forest Grains before and the end result has always been wonderful. So I'm pretty sure that it was the recipe switch that threw it all off. enough about what did not work...

On a more positive note. I went to a friend's birthday party this weekend. I adore this guy, but since Amywaffles already baked said darling gentleman a cake, I had to come up with another idea to make for him. Above you see a big ol batch of marshmallows. Which are quite easy really. unless you are me and you start out with plans for one or two flavors, and end up running two hours late because you made 8 flavors instead and your entire kitchen is covered in a thinn layer of cornstartch. The birthday boy did seem pleased with my offering. I chose this particular treat because within the first week of working together (many moons ago) He saw me making marshmallows at work, and he commented quite enthusiastically how much he liked them. we have had many discussions about ideas and techniques since, but whenever I make marshmallows it reminds me of him. I adore him because he has such an unapologetic passion for food, flavors and hopefully marshmallows.
I started with a basic recipe.
1/2 cup H20 (cold)
18g gelatin
1/2 cup egg whites
455 g sugar
1/2 cup H20 ( yup another one)
cornstarch for dusting the pans
start by blooming the gelatin in the first half cup of (cold) water.
start the egg whites whisking on a low speed.
then turn your attention to the sugar. which needs to be boiled to 245. the best way i have found to do this is to add about half of the second portion of water, making sure all the sugar is moistened with as little stirring as possible. then carefully wash down the sides of the pot and set it on high. watch the pot and make sure no crystals develop. brush down the sides of the pot as necessary.
when sugar reaches temperature, stream it slowly into the whipped egg whites (turn down the speed so that you don't get the goo everywhere) this can take some practice. And be mindful that the sugar is very dangerous. ALWAYS RESPECT BOILING SUGAR!!!
once its all in turn the speed back up and gently warm up your gelatin until it is dissolved and stream it in as well.
then just let it go, whisk it until it cools and gets light and fluffy. like... marshmallow. then spread it out on a cornstarch covered pan ( or pipe into shapes) and allow to set over night.

toasted coconut covered piped pineapple marshmallows

peanut butter, vanilla bean, chai spice, matcha, chocolate chip, earl grey, cherry cola, anise, pineapple
these are my experiments du jour.
I think he was quite pleased with the results. and I even ended up with afew extra for me
and a kitchen covered in cornstarch.
there is always room for homemade marshmallows.

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