Monday, 18 April 2011

Thea rainbow

Not long after I started baking (professionally) my bestie sent me a pic of a cake she thought was cool. it was a rainbow cake. It took me acouple of years, but this year for her birthday I finally made it for her. Making this kind of cake would have been much easier if I was at work,  and I had more than one 8" cake pan. But since she is so rad, it was worth it. and since she is so rad, she didn't complain that that cake was a tad dry.

It was super cute. I finished it with a vanilla bean Italian butter cream, and if i remember correctly a honey syrup. The cake was tall, colorful, classic and adorable! just like my bestie!
AND her Mr man took these lovely pics for me because the pic i took with my sad camera looked like this

thanks Mr bestie. the pics are awesome.

This project reminded me of another rainbow i made. A skittles vodka rainbow. Before giftmas I soaked a whole lot of skittles in a whole lots vodka. then after they were fully dissolved, I strained the mixture and portioned it out into little jars. Before I gave the little bundles of joy to ms.waffles. I had a little taste. scrum diddly umptious! I think it would be great with soda, or as a martini, or even in shots.
tastey rainbows

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