Thursday, 13 October 2011


A scary sometimes infuriating, sometimes marvelous treat. if you really want to see them in their natural habitat go to Paris. If a quick stop at Pierre Herme is abit out of your price range, you can stop by Duchess, here in town. I have heard there is a new macaron in town as well, Mirabelle Macarons, but i haven't met Miss Mirabelle, nor sampled her wares yet.

I have made macarons many times. I have made glorious delicious delicacies, and I have made complete fails. Even a seasoned pro can go wrong with these temperamental tasties. The last batch I made I tried to flavor with a ginger syrup I had made. NOT GOOD! lol. they were way to runny, and on top of that I left them in the oven too long. Does that mean I will never try again? Heck NO! I like a challenge. That being said, they are not difficult really, just persnickety. I encourage every one to give them a shot. Put a little adventure in your oven. And you can really play around with flavor combinations. I love mixing up flavors, or making old reliables. I have done
Raspberry vanilla bean
Pear and Ginger
Vanilla Chai spice
Chocolate Peanut butter
Peanut Butter and Jelly
Pineapple Basil
and possibly more i cant recall right now. the point is, have fun with it. Don't let the recipe intimidate you, take your mixer by the proverbially horns and make something to make you proud.

One of the best blurbs I have ever read on Macarons is by  Not So Humble Pie. I love the science of food, and she presents it all in a very approachable way.I am not even going to attempt to write any more about it, cause hers is perfect. I adore her blog in general, go read it.... I will wait here...

OK so now you are inspired yes? AWESOME!
FYI my niece is awesome. and she adds abit of whimsy to everything 8) the macarons I made with her were the best I have ever made ( i think she may secretly be a much better baker than me, but she doesn't want to make me feel bad) and not only were they delish, but she made them adorable too! 

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