Monday, 3 October 2011

Butter Cream Roses

I hate to admit it, but there are parts of baking and decorating that i do not love. 
I know, right?!? shocking!
One of my least favorite things to make is flowers.I actually haven't done a single icing flower since school. I'm stubborn that way. I have tried to practice with fondant flowers, but butter cream flowers just never made the cut. the good news in this case is that i like my friends (and their lovely Moms) more than I dislike butter cream flowers

Darc-He and his lovely wife decided to throw a surprise birthday party for his Mom, and I was asked to bake the cake. After an exhaustive search for the inspiring cake (which was finally found by the resourceful AND tenacious Mr Bunz) I resigned myself to making soooo many roses, lol. I started out with 2 rounds and Italian butter cream.vanilla with raspberry and chocolate with vanilla bean.

once the cakes were carved, i used the "carvings" to fill in under the smaller heart cake to hold it up. then the whole thing gets  a liberal spackling of vanilla butter cream.

after much angling and smoothing and butter creaming (yeah i used that as a verb) I got the cakes smooth and ready for rosing. (yup that's a verb here too!)

small note i made about 5X as many roses as i probably needed.
because every once in while one would drop and ruin five, i would scrap them off and do that spot over. I am not good at this.
twitch twitch.

I was so happy to be a part of their day. I heard that Mom was pleasantly surprised, and that she enjoyed her cake. As always, all the frustration melted away and I was just happy to help make the party a success. I helped to make at least one Mom feel special and appreciated. So even though butter cream roses make me feel more like bitter cream roses, I'm always glad when it brings smiles, one of the many reasons i love what i do

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