Monday, 3 October 2011

I baked...

Louis Vuitton. I'm thinking I need to make a stencil of the Louis pattern, this is a commonly requested cake. Pretty strait forward cake. the purse was all hand painted, which was  definitely the most time consuming part of this project. 

one of Bunz coworkers wanted a tiramisu. How can i say no to tiramisu? easily one of my favorites to make!
I started out by making a ton of ladyfinger sheets to layer with espresso, liquor, and marscapone mousse. so delicious!

 and then i had lots of left over delight so i put together a mini cake for my darling hairdresser, and an anniversary cake for Thea's Rents. I still had alittle bit of the ladyfinger sponge, and the mousse left over. I had to force my self to eat it. its a tough job. sigh.

just kidding, its totally awesome!

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