Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Cute Zombie Cake

I love zombies.I mean, ok, I don't want to snuggle up with a zombie in front of a roaring fireplace. But for as long as I can recall I have been mildly obsessed (easy on the mildly part) with zombie culture. I have been enjoying the recent popularity of the undead. I watch the movies, I attend the walks, i read the books, I plan the contingency plans. And now FINALLY I make the cake. 

An old friend with a similar affection for walkers asked me to make a cake for his 37th birthday. 

He and his lovely wife have two adorable little boys
So the challenge of this project was to make an awesome zombie cake, while not traumatizing the children. 

I made all the scary zombies facing away, with Zach tucked safely up on the rooftop. I took the time to make each of the undead unique. and I shaped and decorated the cake like an old storefront. complete with apocalypse ready windows and doors. 

 at the last minute i decided to add the SOS and blood splatter. i was trying not to be too gorey, but really whats a zombie cake without alittle carnage?

here is to the beginning of many zombie cakes. the undead are surprizingly delicious.

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