Monday, 13 August 2012

Bacon Makes it Better

So I think we can all agree, bacon makes things better.

I know, I know, bacon is super trendy right now. I'm not just jumping on the band wagon though, I swear! I have been baking with bacon for awhile now. Of course there are the obvious applications for pork in baked goods. A ham and cheese croissant here, a bacon cheddar scone there, but lets go outside of the box here. I have made maple bacon cakes, chocolate covered bacon, and my favourite ... bacon caramels. My latest idea struck me when I made a batch of sweet dough that was way too big. So i decided to do 3 types of sticky buns.One pan was regular, one pan was full of chai spices, and one was filled with bacon.

by far the bacon was the star!

Not long after I tried to replicate the deliciousness, with even more bacon in it. I went to my favourite butcher and procured some tasty bacon. And I made up a simple sweet dough, using beautiful freshly milled wheat flour from my favorite bread baker . I made a sweet glaze o line my pan and then I cooked off my bacon till it was almost crispy. After draining off the excess grease I finished the cooking of the bacon with some good quality maple syrup, glazing the salty bits of meat in sweetness. I tossed half of the bacon in with the pan glaze, and the other half i sprinkled over the brown sugar butter mixture on the sweet dough.

these sweet treats baked up beautiful. My arteries wept as i munched on them, but I couldn't stop. so much deliciousness!!

so the morale of the story is, just because you haven't tried something before, doesn't mean it wont be amazing. So try something new!
Also, bacon is rad.


  1. These sound absolutely delicious!!! I may have to commission you for some of these....mmmm...bacon..