Monday, 19 November 2012

Doom Doom Doom DoomDoom DOOM

You know what makes me happy. Invader Zim. It is literally impossible for me to be less than giggly when I am watching this cartoon. If you have never seen it, look it up. No really, go watch it now, and come back to read this when youre done.

Imagine my joy when a friend asked me to make a Zim theme cake for his sister's birthday. This is the same amigo who asked for the zombie cake. (awesome) He had an idea to make a hollow head GIR filled with cake pops. BRILLIANT! I decided to make the cake pops that look like a Zim icon, the bad bad rubber piggies. for those of you who are familiar i know in your head you are saying it with me 

"i loved you piggie, I loved youoooooooooooooohoooohooohoooo"

As I often am, I was pressed for time, but I had a wonderful time creating this project. I knew if I wanted to make the head full of goodies, I had to do robot GIR. Doggie GIR is so darn cute though. I wanted to do both! so i made robot GIR in the doggie suit with his head sticking out. The head is rice crispie treats hollowed out and coated with chocolate. his eyes are also rice crispie treats. The whole thing, including the removable top of his head got a healthy dose of edible silver spray. I made dozens of cake balls decorated like GIR's rubber piggie/ filling his head full of bite size treats. his body was cake and buttercream covered in fondant. This was not my first foray into the idea of edible Vasquez artwork. afew years ago i did a Zim inspired gingerbread for the festival of trees. I look forward to doing more Zim projects. So  many ideas!!! 

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