Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Potter Pops

I don't like cupcakes. we all know this by now, right? I do however love cake pops,and /or cake truffles. I  also adore my friends. So often when I am making something for mi amigos, that is my go to treat.
One of my favourite gals had a birthday not long ago, and her adorable sister asked me to make her something. Ive grown quite attached to this family, they are very sweet. You may remember the cowboy hat cake I made for them, and more recently the moustache cake she commissioned. Now finally I was getting a chance to design something just for her.

Months ago,when I brought treats to a ska  show, she munched happily, offhandedly she mentioned that the golden snitches from Harry Potter would be cool as a cake pop. So after much deliberation between her sister and I, we decided on Potter Pops. The coolest designs I could think of were the snitches, and the sorting hat.

As always there was a learning curve putting these guys together, but it was super fun. I don't think I stopped giggling the whole time I was working on the sorting hat's faces.

The snitches started out as carrot cake dipped in white chocolate, with white fondant wings. I painted them bright yellow, with a coat of shimmer over top to make them nice and bright and shiny.

For the sorting hats I shaped chocolate cherry cheesecake into cones and dipped it in dark chocolate. when it was set up I used modelling chocolate to shape the faces and add details.

It would seem I can always rely on this crew to keep me inspired!

I also made some other fun cake pops for friends awhile ago. I made carrot shaped carrot cake,chocolate dipped brownies, zombies,and hello kitties. So much fun. And so much easier to deliver and serve than cup cakes,or traditional cake


  1. I SO WOULD have hired you to do these for my son's birthday last November! I've seen them online but after building Hogwarts in cake form I was done! Love them!

  2. I looooove these!