Sunday, 1 January 2012


Sometimes I do not realise how badly I want to make a cake design until someone asks me for it. This cake was a perfect example. One of my ska buddies, who also happens to be one of the sweetest gals I know, ordered this cake for her super rad roomie. She has ordered cakes from me before, you may remember reading about the fireball adventure from her last order! She has such a positive energy, you can't help but adore her, and she is always a great boost for my ego. She trusts me, and lets me make what I think will work for her. So far so good, from what I hear 8)

So when we talked about the cake, she mentioned that her roomie loved chocolate chip cookie dough everything. I was hooked, I was immediately obsessed with making a cookie dough cake. I started out with vanilla bean cake and chocolate chip vanilla cake, which I layered it with cookie dough flavoured Italian butter cream loaded with mini chocolate chips

then a quick coat of the cookie dough butter cream, and into the fridge to set up while i roll out fondant. Just a simple coating of white fondant, a clean slate
I kneaded abit of cocoa powder into the fondant to tint it a light brown. then used some funky cookie cutters I got from Mars and Venus (all sorts of fun baking stuffs in stock!) to cut out moustaches to go around the base of the cake. this fondant also formed a giant moustache for a topper.

Once the decorations were set, I gave them a quick brush with brown food colouring to add depth and texture. I thought I was done, but....NO! I had another idea! And since she left it up to me, I chose to make both cakes. 
So i forfeited my sleep to make a monster moustache cake ball.
and then in my facial hair frenzy I rolled out the last of my fondant to cover the moustache shaped cake "ball" and some letter shapes. really I just wanted to make the M. It looks kinda like a foomanchoo, and it made me giggle incessantly.

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