Tuesday, 10 January 2012


This is a cake i did last year, but i recently ran into Super Liam's Mom, and remembered it. So much fun doing kid cakes.The bright colours, the imagination, the SUGAR! whats not to love?
Super Mom gave me some basic guidelines and let me do my own thing for her. I tried to design the small super hero his very own logo, while including some of his faves, making a loose representation of a hero costume. A Topsy turvy cake on top to add abit of fun. I think I like the idea of Topsy turvy cakes cause when you are handing out pieces of cake there is always those people who ask for a small piece or a big piece. The different heights of that kind of cake would make that easy peasy. Although, I have never done it,all my ideas are purely hypothetical at this point. 

I digress.

Started out covering the whole thing with some bright blue fondant, using some bright skittles candies around the bottom to add colour. Then rolled out a vibrant red fondant  cape and cut out some letters. It was my first time using my letter cutter set. To be honest i didn't love it. I like the simple bubble letter look on this, cause it is a child's cake and should have a bit of silly whimsy. In general though I don't like the aesthetic of that font. The final step ended up being the most time consuming. I painted the skittles with his favourite hero's logos. it took some time, but it was worth it!

The last minute before Super Liam's Super patient Dad came to get the cake, i decided the logo was lacking definition. I tried to outline the different parts to make them look more comic book-y. Even though I was rushing, and it was a tiny bit sloppy, it brought it together and i was much happier with it. And did I mention Super Dad was very patient waiting for my neurosis to finish up his cake.

Super cake, for a superb family.
I'm always so glad to be a part of it.  

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