Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Cake pops. 
you know I love 'em.
An ingenious way to use up left over cake. Sure some people might bake a cake just to make these treats, but I almost always have some leftover bits that can be "popped" in no time. And they are perfect for sharing 8)

 Generally I keep all my scraps from sculpted cakes, or leftover layers and butter cream. and all I do is throw them together in my mixer until i get  the consistency I want. Firm but soft. then i roll it up, chill it really good and dip them in chocolate.

yup that's pretty much it. It is that easy. I don't have a recipe. just start out with some cake, I have used chocolate, vanilla bean, carrot, even cheesecake! I add in something to bind the cake together, like leftover butter cream, ganache, or fruit.  (cheesecake needs to have something dry added to the mix instead of butter cream... like white cake, or cookie crumbs)

I scoop the mixture out into small blobs,and then use my hand to roll the balls. I try to work quickly cause the warmth from my hands can really make things messy. once they are rolled i  get them nice and cold which firms them up.

you can be creative, make ball, or cones, or whatever shape you want really. then once they are chilled, you can dip them by hand in white, milk, or dark chocolate. or push a stick into each on and dip them in the chocolate.
pumpkin cheesecake
carrot cake

strawberry vanilla
carrot cake

you can decorate them however you like. there really are no limits.
to be honest I am no expert at these wonderful little bites. the person to check out is Bakerella.
Even if you don't want to make cake pops, you should go check out her blog Bakerella is a personal inspiration for me, as well as one amazing baker. She is  just a marvelous woman! Truly! If you are more of a Cook book lover, that is fine to, she has a book now too. Cake Pops is a great book, and a solid intro to cake pops. If you want to learn to do them right, I'm not expert, go see Bakerella, and give her some love!

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