Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Something bright... and PINK

Often the closest thing i get to artistic direction is... make it Pink. Or make it  with lots of flowers. I was given these two directions for this cake. I like being given creative licence. Although it always makes me doubly nervous for the client to see the cake. On this order I was excited to make a Topsy turvy cake. I have only done acouple, and I wanted the practice.

Slice the top off and put it on upside down to build up one side of the cake taller. Then cover with butter cream completely
Once the butter cream is set up, I covered them with fondant and tiered them. when stacking Topsy turvy cakes, the structural support is even more important than usual. Gravity, physics... these are enemies of the Topsy turvy cake! I placed the usual three dowels in the bottom tier to hold the weight of the top cake. I also put a dowel through the whole cake to keep the top tier from sliding off.

Once you get everything all where it is supposed to be, it is time for the fun stuff. 
I had lots of flowers made, and I placed them randomly all over the cake.

all done!!!
 I lucked out again, They were happy with the finished product. 


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