Monday, 18 July 2011

Making Faces

I am happy to say, that my fondant modelling skills are improving. I have always had alot of trouble with faces. I tried a new approach this time and I think it worked pretty well 8)
I started out with a basic shape, pushing in little parts, pulling out other parts. Manipulating it to make it have the curves i needed. then I added lips and eyes, and she started to look human. the next step was to paint her to look like "Barbie" She may not look exactly like her when I'm done, but definitely one of the best faces I have sculpted.

                                                                                               After her face was done I added two colors of yellow hair to make her hair nice and big. Then I deconstructed Barbie's body and made all her pars separate so she would look like a doll. I made her legs and dress hang off the end of the cake, cause I knew they wouldn't fit, and I didn't want to make her smaller. I wanted it to be closer to real doll size.

I also made a cute girlie  lace doilie to put under her. so once everything was made i just put it all together  on the cake. Overall the project turned out fairly well. I would tweak afew things next time, but she was pretty smokin!

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