Monday, 14 October 2013


Finally got the Kickstarter campaign launched! I have 30 days to reach my goal!!!
Please help me spread it around 8)
You donate through the website, and if I reach my goal, you get rewards. If I dont make it, I get nothing. It is kind of an all or nothing deal.
I can't wait to mail out all the amazing caramels as rewards!!!!

My Kickstarter Campaign !!!

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  1. So exciting!
    I tried to pledge twice so I could sneakily get caramels AND a birthday cake (what can I say, I'm greedy *giggles*) and it wouldn't let me do two. But I can change my pledge and just get a whole boatload of caramels. Soooo not really complaining haha. Good luck! Can't wait to taste the amazingness once I've moved there and you're all set up. :D