Sunday, 14 July 2013

Black and white

Last year my niece and my nephew got married. Not to each other, of course, lol. But a few months apart. One wedding was huge, elaborate and fancy, the other was low key and laid back.

For the big wedding, they requested a 4 tier black cake. with a lead crystal topper and rhinestone sparkly boards. It was  intense, an alot of work to pull off  in my relatively small space. 
the next celebration had an icy theme with all white and light blues. they asked for a small white cake with their frog prince topper, and a table of white bites. it was a challenge in a different way making all the individual treats. 

caramel pecan tarts

chocolate hazelnut tarts

white chocolate raspberry cream cups

as well as vanilla marshmallows, cake pops, and truffles. 

these projects were completely different, and yet both came from love and family.

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