Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Teacher's Pet

I had a blast making this cake for a teacher's retirement party. the lovely client that ordered it always gives me lots of creative freedom, and just enough direction!
I definitely took more time than I planned on, but once I thought of all the different elements I wanted to incorporate, I just couldn't leave any out.
my favourite decoration by far is the chalk board. I rolled out black fondant, and let it harden. then framed I with wood grain fondant to look like a chalk board. finally I took cold white chocolate pieces and used them to "write" on the chalkboard. it worked exactly like I hoped! so cute!!

there was also the chalk board eraser, pencils, crayons, apple, multiplication and cursive. alot of details, but I think it worked out 8)

I changed my mind, I think my favourite part is the idea of teachers eating crayons (made of chocolate)

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