Friday, 1 February 2013


When asked by the lovely polish viking to bake a disco cake, I became giddy. What a fun idea!!

This project gave me the chance to try out my fancy new Cricut Mini. I'm not going to lie, i was exceedingly frustrated. Using this machine has alot of bonuses, such as amazing detail, and quick lettering. Unfortunately it took me a lot of experimentation to get it to work for me. I have used it several times since, and I can see the potential in it as a tool. I also see the potential for me to throw it across the room. (and spend alot of money on cartridges) Back on point... when i did finally get the lettering cut, I was thrilled. I painted it with silver luster dust to match the disco ball.

The disco ball was a round cake, covered in small squares of fondant also painted with silver luster dust. I loved  how it fit with the "light up dance floor". the only thing missing was the disco dancer. And he almost was missing!!
Half way through sculpting him,he fell over. limbs were broken. swear words were sworn. many hours of my life were wasted. lol. The good news is I had just enough time to resculpt him, including the mega bell bottoms, large lapels, porno stache, and copious chest hair.He strikes the iconic pose and completes the look.

So much fun with this cake. I adore it, it makes me giggle. I love when people order cakes with a sense of humour!

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