Monday, 4 June 2012


I have been getting progressively busier. So busy in fact that I am having trouble finding the time to update my humble little blog here. Its ok though, I love what I do. Maybe not at every single moment. But overall, I love it! I feel very lucky to have found this path in my life. If food is love than baking is the sweetest love. I am constantly grateful that I get to be part of so many celebrations.

Working on big orders gives me some time in my head. alot of my orders this week were wedding or anniversary related. I made a lemony blinged out for a wedding shower. Another order from my favourite singing sisters. I also had a special wedding cake to make, and finally an anniversary cake. Seemed like love was in the air.

 so much BLING! so much LOVE!!

The wedding cake was for a lovely couple. We chatted one day, while I was working at the restaurant, and they decided to allow me the honor of making their wedding cake. They wanted a fairly simple three tier cake, simple, classic, and pretty.with silver and purple ribbons. They also requested a grooms cake based on their favourite game, Eve Online. Even though I had some trouble getting the proportions right on the replica of their ship, in the end it turned out. I had to adjust the design last minute, because the ship grew and was to heavy for my original plan. They were happy though with the final product. In the end I was happy because they were happy. They even called me the day after their wedding to thank me, which meant the world to me. I hope someday they are ordering a 60th anniversary cake.

Alvin and Cecille got an anniversary cake, 60 years. Stop and ponder that. How long has your longest relationship lasted? I bet it wasn't remotely close to 60  years. As I was squinting at the cake, trying to paint on the the words, I teared up. I'm getting abit choked up now again, just thinking about it. I don't know Alvin, or Cecille. not personally. In my head though, they had a whole romance. 60 years together, ups and downs. It overwhelmed me, but the more I thought about it the more I smiled. The more hope I felt for love.

The progression from the wedding shower cake, to the wedding cake to the anniversary. it was an wonderful journey in my head. I may have been stressed and busy, bu it was a happy week.

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