Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Empire Bakes Back

Alternate title: if this cake had been burnt, this post would be called 
The Reburn of the Sith.

First I would like to comment on all the attention I have been getting on the interwebs for my Forest of Endor gingerbread project. I am completely overwhelmed by all the positive feedback I have gotten. I can't believe how many people have stopped by my humble little slice of the Internet. I really can't express my gratitude for all the support!
 Thank you to all of my old friends, and new.
Now on to the cake. Wouldn't you know it.... Star Wars again. A certain local chef is receiving a death star cake for his birthday tomorrow! The staff from a wonderful nearby steakhouse got together ( led by Mr. SnP, new husband to my dear friend, and chef extraordinaire) and ordered a cake from me. They were awesome, understanding to the time constraints and they gave me creative licence. I know the Chef is a Sith man, so I went with Vader.
when in doubt... Vader is the answer

After making the rice Krispie Death Star, doing all the wiring to make it light up, and the structural supports, this cake seemed as easy as pie. Ha! Easy as pie! the biggest challenge for me was definitely Darth Vader. I started over several times making his head. Getting all the angles right, and the proportions aligned is difficult when you're sculpting. It is especially troublesome when you make such an iconic character, the smallest mistakes look huge. Everyone knows what Darth Vader looks like. I have to remind myself that sugar and chocolate and other tasty things are not the easiest medium. I did the best I could in the time I had. At the very least he is recognisable. That makes my inner nerd squee! 
My mind swirled with tons of cool ideas, but I had to rein myself in. That is one thing I am getting much better at, NOT over decorating. I realise now that i don't always have to use every single one of my ideas. Sometimes it is better to let afew well done decorations shine, rather than crowd a cake with lots of mediocre stuff.  I decided to go simple but striking. Just enough to look cool!. i carved two 6" vanilla cakes with berry Italian butter cream into the shape of the death star. A 10"double chocolate cake was decorated as "space" and of course the edible Darth Vader. I hope the flavors will please the palates of this culinary crowd. I make everything from scratch including my fondant, because i think it really makes a big difference. It is great to make a cake look fabulous, but what is the point if it doesn't taste as good as it looks? 
coming soon, baked goods that are not Lucas based. 
stay tuned for fondant tips and recipes. 

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