Thursday, 11 August 2011

Take 2...

Last week was all about doing projects again, and doing them with a new twist. The rainbow cake and the dragon cake were on the menu again. I got an order for another dragon, this time sitting on top of dungeons and dragons dice. I also got an order for a rainbow cake, very similar to Thea's. Lemur's birthday fell in there somewhere and of course I had to bake him something 8)
First I did the dragon, I tried to challenge myself and make it abit more difficult. I wanted it to look different from the last one too. So I made him sitting up, and green. he still looks abit to friendly for my liking, but i think he is cool! I officially like making dragons, and i was much quicker this time too!
I start out with a rice krispie treat model

I let it dry out for a day, so it is abit more solid, and then cover it in fondant.  a strip of yellow up his belly, and then green over every thing else, just to smooth him out and get a nice blank canvas to work on.

Cutting out the scales, and putting them each on is, as I'm sure you may have guessed, the most time consuming part. I had a good time figuring out how to design his head to look different.


then i made a marvelous chocolate cake ( maybe 4 chocolate cakes ) and some chocolate butter cream. everything came together nicely, although I was not expecting the die to be do tricky to sculpt. I'm hoping Mr dragon distracted from any oddities in the shape. The base was supposed to look like a D&D map.

once the die was done I just had to put the dragon on top. I like that he has a different personality than the first one. I heard the birthday boy was happy, which means i did alright

Then one of my favorite clients called me for her daughters first birthday cake. This lovely lady wanted to do a rainbow theme for the party, and she wanted a Thea cake (rainbow inside). It was a fairly simple order. I baked all the layers and constructed it with vanilla bean Italian butter cream with just a hint of honey and lemon. She wanted a clean look with skittles around the edges food color. She is always a pleasure, a wonderful person i consider a friend now, not just a client. 

Speaking of my friends, if I was thinking I would have baked Lemurs cake at the same time. But it wasnt until I had all of her layers baked that I got my inspiration for his birthday cake. Lemur likes his Mac products, this is no secret, so i decided to do a Mac logo cake for him, with a lemur sitting on it. Heeheehee!
I also made "lemur tail" squares, every year i try to make chocolate and peanut butter a new way for him, the cake was vanilla, so the squares were the vessel for peanut buttery goodness.

I was anxious to be present for the cutting of a rainbow cake. I am seldom at the events I make treats for, and I have never seen my rainbow cake cut. Being the ever wonderful friend, the Lemur indulged me patiently, and amused me so 8) it looked amazing when it was cut, the colors were bright, and everyone seemed to enjoy. Ok to be honest, I was probably the most excited about it. I did catch acouple of the boys checking it out later and I enjoyed their praises immensely. even if it was abit heavy on the icing, it looked good.
So that's what I did last week. I'm so glad Lemur liked his cake. It makes me so happy to make treats for the people I love. that being said I also love baking for people I don't know, cause they don't have to be nice, so when they say the cake is good, I'm much more likey to believe it. This week everyone was happy. Old clients, new clients, and favorite mammals. 


  1. Wicked Apple cake there Darcy! Form karen who let you play with chocolate so long ago... :)

  2. I have this on my list of retro deserts to make - I am shocked to find it here looking SO gorgeous! I am just old enough to remember this from my youth when JELL-O had the recipe in their flyers. How do you make yours now. I am assuming NOT with jello! :)