Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Eve Online

I consider myself a nerd. Shocking! I am a total dork, and I am totally OK with that. I know alot about video games, comic books, graphic novels, TV shows, and movies. I am a fan girl of many things. When I was approached by a lovely young couple to make their wedding cakes, i was surprised to hear there was a whole huge on line game I had never heard of. Eve Online. It is a huge SciFi universe world. I had no idea. I have heard of World of Warcraft, and other MMO's. They asked me to make a pretty wedding cake as well as an edible replica of their ship from Eve Online.

the brides cake was simple and lovely. white tiers accented with purple ribbons. traditional and elegant.the groom's cake on the other hand was funky, and dare I say... out of this world, lol!  Rich cheesecake topped with ganache, and decorated with fondant. I airbrushed the fondant to pair the cake with the edible replica of their online ship. I used rice crispie treats and fondant to create the ship, it was one of the biggest challenges I had tackled to date. It may not have worked out exactly as I had planned but it was pretty dang cool!

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